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The Journey....

An Idea Is Born

Cognizant Expressions was established with the desire to live vicariously through the spirit of my mother whose passion was jewelry making.  She lost her battle with cancer in 2012 and I felt a need to carry on her jewelry making vision.  Therefore, I decided to tap into my personal creativity and birthed the idea of Cognizant Expressions.


While brainstorming and evolving Cognizant Expressions I asked myself what would my company stand for and represent; one thing was clear, and it was that I would stay true to my lifestyle of conscious living.  For years, I had searched the fashion market to purchase t-shirts that I felt "had something to say and not just saying something".  Due to most of the time being unsuccessful in my search, I pushed to the back of my mind that one day I would create my own t-shirts with consciousness in mind.

After introducing my jewelry and getting a great response, I felt it was time to offer my t-shirt designs.  Cognizant Expressions is the place to find conscious tees, trendy tees and genuine stone beaded  bracelet sets that are fashionable and believed to have healing qualities.  All of my designs are created with mindfulness and positive vibes that I hope resonates in each item received.

Thank you for shopping with Cognizant Expressions.

Peace and blessings......